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Ever since 1998, Taj Mahal has been offering guests a gastronomic experience of discovery. Come and taste the flavours and culinary traditions of Punjab, the Indian region of the five rivers. Punjab is a fertile land in Northern India, where the Tandoor clay oven was born and an area in which agricultural and food traditions are still handed down from generation to generation. Our chefs will delight you with their many Punjab specialties like naan and chapati bread, juicy meat and fish cooked in the Tandoor oven, and a wide range of curry dishes. Every menu item is made with carefully-selected spices depending on whether it’s meat, fish or vegetable produce, enhancing the unique flavour of each ingredient. The gastronomic experience among the tastes and flavours of India ends with the Indian sweets of our production. We also pay the utmost attention to any type of allergy or food intolerance and are very happy to accommodate our guests..

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