Louis Vuitton speaker looks like a Marvel artifact |Digital Trends Spanish

2022-07-07 14:02:38 By : Ms. Joey Hwang

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has launched its own portable speaker, though it doesn't really look like a piece of haute couture or a tech gadget.It could perfectly appear in a Marvel movie as the container for an Infinity Stone.The so-called Horizon Light Up Speaker follows the line of all the company's products: it costs no less than $2,890 dollars.According to Louis Vuitton, the idea is that this luxury speaker serves as an artistic piece for the main room of the house or an outfit.For the company, it's a mix of fashion and technology that seeks to challenge what a portable speaker should look like;Apparently, they achieved their goal.The spaceship shape of this device is inspired by an item from the same brand, the Toupie tote bag, which also costs more than $2,000.The speaker is made of metal, leather and glass, and of course has its traditional and well-known logo printed all over the surface.It also includes 35 LED lights that light up to the beat of the music.Despite its unusual appearance, the luxury device has excellent specifications, something that would be expected for almost $3,000 dollars.It integrates a 3-inch subwoofer, three microphones for calls, two 0.75-inch tweeters, Bluetooth 5.1, AirPlay 2 for wireless audio and a battery to deliver 15 hours of playback without charging.In addition, it comes with a base to charge the device and the ability to connect with a USB-C cable.In case you want to spend a huge amount, the Louis Vuitton speaker is already available on the company's website, but the product will arrive in your hands from July 31.Enhance your lifestyle Product review, technology news, tools to navigate the digital world.