The 15 Best Backyard Games of Summer 2022

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By Deirdre Mundorf | Published Jul 1, 2022 11:26 AM

Enjoying the warm weather and spending time outside is what summer is all about. Whether you’re looking to make backyard barbecues even more fun for your guests, want to give the kids something fun to do to keep them busy, or are looking to plan an outdoor family game night, the right backyard games can make all the difference.

Below are the 15 most popular backyard games that are fun for the whole family. Challenge everyone to a high-energy game of Spikeball or bucket ball, or have fun with a giant Jenga set that people of all ages will enjoy.

Spikeball is a fun and fast-paced game that combines elements of volleyball with foursquare as teams of two try to score points by returning the ball to the round central net. This Spikeball game set is a customer favorite with over 5,500 reviews. It comes with a round net, a ball, and a case for storage and transport; you’ll have everything you need to get playing right away.

Cornhole is one of the most popular backyard family games. This set includes two full-size boards, four blue and four red bean bags, and a carrying case so you can also have fun when tailgating, camping, or when at a friend’s house. Choose from multiple board designs, including American Flags, chevron patterns, red and blue stripes, and plain wood.

Traditional Jenga is fun to play inside, but with this giant version of the classic game, you can take the fun out to the backyard. The set includes 54 blocks that are over eight times the size of the classic blocks (6 inches by 2 inches by 1.2 inches). At the start of the game, the tower will be nearly 2 feet tall, and if you play well enough, it could reach a height of over 4 feet before it topples to the ground. A giant carrying bag is included to keep the blocks protected when playtime is done.

Step up your Frisbee skills with the Kan Jam outdoor game. In this team game, members take turns throwing the flying disc towards the goal at the other side of the yard. They can earn points for hitting the can or getting the disc to land inside the can. The set includes everything you’ll need to play: two Kam Jam cans and a flying disc.

Get ready for some friendly competition with this bocce ball set. With eight high-quality resin bocce balls (red, green, blue, and yellow), a pallino ball, and a canvas carrying case, this set includes everything you’ll need to get the game started in your backyard or to bring the fun to a friend’s backyard party.

With over 1,400 positive reviews, Bucket Ball is one of the most popular games that you can play in your backyard, poolside, or even at the beach. Compete with your team to toss a ball in all of your buckets before your opponents win. This combo pack includes six blue buckets, six orange buckets, two hybrid balls, and a convenient tote bag so you can bring the game everywhere you go.

Bring the bowling alley to your backyard with this lawn bowling game. The attractive and colorful pine wooden set includes 10 pins and two bowling balls—everything you’ll need to play traditional 10-pin bowling or European Skittle Ball. When you’re finished, place all the pins and balls in the included mesh carrying bag for convenient storage or transport.

This Jazzminton paddle game will get you up and moving as you try to hit the birdie and send it back to your opponent. Two paddles, four birdies, and a drawstring carrying bag are included with this set. The red and green birdies allow for faster or slower play, allowing you to match each game to the skills and activity level of the adults or children playing. With the plywood construction, water-resistant paint finish, and foam handle, the paddles are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and comfortable to hold.

If you’re searching for outdoor family games, this four in a row game is perfect for adults and kids alike. The giant standing Connect Four board is 3 feet wide and more than 2 feet tall, making it large enough for everyone to get in on the fun and watch the game. The varnished and sealed poplar wood board is water-, heat-, and humidity-resistant and will not crack, split, warp, or twist.

Horseshoe is one of the classic outdoor games that is still widely popular and fun to play. This Champion horseshoes set includes four high-quality, regulation-weighted metal horseshoes, two 24-inch metal stakes, and a nylon carrying case. Simply open the bag, place the stakes in the ground, and you’ll be ready for a friendly—but competitive—game of horseshoes.

This ladder toss game can be used for one-on-one or team competitions. Each individual or team needs to try to score the most points by tossing their rubber bolos so they wrap themselves around one of the rungs of the ladder. Each of the PVC ladders—which take just two minutes to assemble—includes a built-in scorekeeper.

If you love classic backyard games for adults, croquet may be right up your alley. Up to six people can face off in a friendly game of croquet with this set that includes six 8-inch hardwood mallets with 28-inch hardwood handles, six weather-resistant balls, nine steel wickets, and two hardwood ending stakes. A case for easy storage and transport is also included.

This glow-in-the-dark lawn darts game promises both daytime and nighttime fun in your backyard. The set includes four durable lawn darts with a weighted base and shock-absorbent tip that will stand up once they land on grass, sand, or other soft surfaces. Two target rings and a carrying case are also included with the set.

Why play Yahtzee inside when you can enjoy the beautiful summertime weather playing Yardzee. Place the five wooden dice in the collapsible bucket, and roll to see if you can get a Yardzee—five of a kind. A dry erase Yardzee scorecard with a bonus Yardkle scorecard on the reverse side is also included with this set.

Get ready for some fun at your next outdoor picnic or barbecue with this ring toss game. The game is designed to be easily portable and takes just minutes to set up—making it ideal for the backyard or even camping or beach trips. Once you’re ready to play, try to score the most points by tossing one of the 10 plastic rings or five rope rings over the pegs.

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