The 2 Best Blackout Curtains In 2022

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Did you know bright light, both natural and artificial, can alter the functions of sleep hormones? The pineal gland in the human body induces melatonin production in response to darkness. Light exposure obstructs this process, which may lead to sleep-wake disorders.

A functional blackout curtain may be the right tool to escape said light control problem. To help you avoid the hassle of browsing through uncountable options, we have curated this well-researched guide. Read on and learn about the most reliable blackout curtains in 2022. Paper Eyelet Machine

The 2 Best Blackout Curtains In 2022

Deconovo started its operations ten years back with the motto of delivering the most affordable blackout curtains to its consumers. The brand’s genuine and customer-centric approach helped it to become one of the most renowned online sellers in the US and UK.

Presently, Deconovo offers cost-effective and modern home decor services. Throughout the long years of operation, they have extended their catalog to almost every home decor area. Apart from curtains, they deal with sofa covers, bedding items, bathroom textiles, blankets, runners, and so on.

Available in two size alternatives, Deconovo’s charming and functional blackout curtains can effectively filter out 85-90% of light. What’s more, these curtains feature noise-filtering advantages, helping you turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat. These silk-like curtains can beautifully doll up your windows and darken your indoors.

The manufacturer uses high-quality polyester to make these curtains. Deconovo has a generous choice of color alternatives with multiple hues. They include lavender, baby blue, grayish white, navy blue, etc. While darker colors guarantee blackout, the lighter ones ensure efficient room darkening.

Deconovo solid color blackout curtains feature a durable grommet header type, making them easy to install. These lightweight curtains could be the perfect fit for early-rising children, napping toddlers, or elderly individuals. However, sensitive sleepers may find it a little less appropriate as they may not block the morning light holistically.

Cost efficient: Deconovo solid color blackout curtains sport thermal insulation, making them capable of preventing heat escapes. Naturally, it allows you to save on energy bills, ensuring cost efficiency.

Award-winning customer support: Deconovo’s resolutive customer service team gladly assists you with your queries and grievances. They are available from Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5 PM EST).

Size guide available: Estimating the right size for curtains may look complicated when ordering them online. Given this, the manufacturer has made a detailed size guide available on their official website.

Easy returns: Deconovo stands behind its product with a 30-day return opportunity. If you don’t find the curtains useful, you may raise a return request within 30 days of purchase and claim a full refund. Besides, the brand accepts cancellation requests within 12 hours of placing the order.

Sustainable production: Deconovo cares for the planet; thus, the brand dedicatedly works to reduce its carbon footprint. They sell their products online to encourage ecological considerations. Besides, their manufacturing units strictly adhere to eco-friendly production guidelines.

Integrated manufacturer and design house: The brand houses a giant team of American and European designers. Besides, Deconovo has kept everything in direct control instead of outsourcing the manufacturing process to ensure quality. To blend affordability, they offer a direct floor-to-door service, which cuts out the middleman interference.

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Half Price Drapes is a family-owned and operated business that opened its doors in 2005. From a small storefront to one of the most-known e-commerce specialty organizations – this San Francisco-based business has grown substantially over the past years.

Presently, it serves the home decor market with an extensive range of tailor-made and custom products. According to the Half Price Drapes, the brand has made a makeover of more than a million windows only in North America. Half Price Drapes.

Half Price Drapes’ extra wide blackout curtains are available in a plethora of colors. They score surprisingly well in thickness. Apart from the readymade curtains, you can choose to customize your order according to your requirements. Each curtain features a 100-inch wide panel. Besides, they boast a supersoft fabric with a refined texture.

Typically,  the brand manufactures these curtains from exclusive polyester yarn. Besides keeping light at bay, these curtains offer impressive thermal insulation. The curtains feature 16 nickel finish grommets and weighted hems. However, the package doesn’t include curtain hooks; you may need to purchase them separately.

Half Price Drapes prioritizes customer experience. Apart from offering quality products, they offer satisfactory pre and post-sales service. You can contact their dedicated customer service team from Monday to Friday (7.30 AM to 4.30 PM PST).

Highly committed to quality: Half Price Drapes pays extraordinary attention to quality. Their dedicated team of designers performs detailed research on the latest decor, fashion, style, and color trends. Upon finalizing the design, the brand sources high-quality fabrics and manufactures them in their updated work units.

Affordable: The brand doesn’t want to challenge its customers with a choice between quality and price. They are committed to delivering avant-garde quality against notably low prices. To keep up affordability, the brand doesn’t allow any third-party interference in the process.

Custom-made products: Half Price Drapes lets you customize your products according to your preference and requirements. From unique top treatments to custom linings – you can get everything done in the way you want. The best part is you don’t need to pay a bank-breaking price for customizing your curtains from Half Price Drapes.

Affiliate program: Half Price Drapes runs a thoughtful affiliate program that allows you to earn a lucrative commission on every sale. Their affiliate program is administered by SHAREASALE. The brand provides adequate resources and guidance to help you sell and earn up to 12-15% commission.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Half Price Drapes

We understand that buying a blackout curtain may not be as simple as it sounds. Plenty of alternatives, different fabrics, and styling may leave you overwhelmed. Hence, we have conducted enhanced research to help you pick the best.

First off, we picked up the most popular blackout curtain brands. Then, we went ahead to verify their quality and efficiency. We set up a few quality guidelines to determine the selected curtains’ performance and durability. In addition, we leveraged studio strobe lights to flash an intense burst of light directly into the back of the curtain fabric.

While doing this, we kept on taking pictures from the front. The blacker the photograph was, the better blocking effect the curtain could provide. After testing more than 20 self-claimed blackout curtains, we finally got the two mentioned in the guide.

Our quality guidelines included the following factors –

While you may find many blackout curtains around, not all of them can serve your purpose precisely. To ensure a worthy purchase experience, you may need to consider a few factors when buying the right blackout curtain for your home or office. We have listed them below for your convenience.

It’s critical to determine the right curtain size to enjoy its best effects. Ideally, a curtain should be at least 1.5-2 times the curtain rod width. This helps bring in a uniform look. On the other hand, if you are more concerned with fullness, you may pick up something 2-3 times your rod width. Besides, you should consider the size of your window frame.

Remember, the suggested size is for each curtain panel. When you buy a set of two curtains, consider both curtain panels for appropriate measurements. For the right length, you may measure a few inches above your curtain pole to the floor.

Typically, most blackout curtains feature eyelet or pencil pleat heading. Headings determine how you can hang them. While the pencil pleats are conventional, eyelet or grommet headings offer better convenience. However, you must ensure that the grommets or eyelet rings are not too big for your pole.

Ideally, you should pick up a blackout curtain sporting densely woven fabric like thick polyester. Such fabrics don’t allow light to pass through the fibers. You can also consider linen blackout curtains or thick cotton curtains. However, for additional comfort, you can consider thermal blackout curtains, as they keep your room well insulated.

Contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains don’t have to be black. You can pick up room darkening curtains of any color to match your room decor. You should pay more attention to blackout lining fabrics than the color.

Remember, setting the right budget is crucial to obtain adequate darkening or blackout effects. You shouldn’t shrink on quality to save some bucks. There are a lot of thick yet affordable room darkening curtains available in the market. You can pick any of them for blocking light precisely. Do a little homework to understand the standard price and set your budget accordingly.

It may sound weird, but the fabric’s scent can often turn out to be a mood ruiner. Typically, cotton or linen curtains give off a pesky smell. Polyesters, on the other hand, don’t carry any smell, making them a more comforting alternative.

Curtains can be of numerous types depending on their heading and characteristics. Based on the heading, you can categorize them as eyelet-headed curtains, pencil pleat headings, and rod pocket curtains. You can even find pinch pleats and tailored pleat curtains. The rod pocket and pleat variants are a little tricky to install.

Hence, we recommend you invest in contemporary grommet or eyelet-headed curtains. Furthermore, you should also check the characteristics of the curtain to ensure an informed buying experience. Depending on characteristics, there are three types of curtains – regular window curtains, blinds, and drapes. For blackout effects, you should always consider regular curtains or drapes.

Blackout curtain linings refer to the specific curtain lining that helps reduce the amount of light that can enter your room. Typically, these types of curtain linings are densely woven. Due to this reason, the light can’t penetrate through the fibers easily. Naturally, blackout curtain liners allow you to choose your preferred lighting atmosphere.

Blackout effects refer to 100% light blocking. On the other hand, room darkening effects are all about blocking out the light up to 90%.

Yes and no – it depends on the fabric and the manufacturer’s care instructions. Some blackout curtains can withstand gentle wash cycles, while others call for a dry wash. Similarly, the composition of the fabric determines if you can iron them or not.

When buying a good with an appropriate blackout curtain, ensure it can block the light. After all, it’s the purpose of installing blackout curtains. However, you need to be definite about your preference – do you need a 100% blackout effect, or do you just want to darken your room? Find out the answer and pick up your curtain accordingly.

Yes, you can; however, you can’t expect 100% sound insulation unless you invest in a dedicated soundproof curtain with high-profile sound insulation.

Installing blackout curtains is as easy as installing a regular one. Check the heading of your curtain – is it pleated, rod pocketed, or grommet? Figure it out first and install them accordingly.

To measure blackout curtains, you need to measure the width of a window first. Then, you should move to the top and bottom. Whatever measurement you get, add three extra inches on either side, and you are done.

Yes, they do. However, you need to invest in a reliable curtain with thick, high-quality fabric. Blackout curtains from reputed manufacturers usually block up to 99% of the light, helping you keep your room cave dark. This, in turn, adds to privacy.

It completely depends on the quality of the fabric. Usually, better fabrics feature higher price tags. However, their efficiency overweighs the cost.

You can install blackout curtains in rooms with the most exposure to natural sunlight or streetlights. This will help you create a soothing atmosphere with noteworthy light exclusion. You can also place these curtains in bathrooms for added privacy. However, for the bathroom, you should always turn to water-resistant fabrics.

Yes, they do! These energy-efficient curtains can prevent air from entering or leaving the room. Consequently, you can enjoy warm rooms in winter and cool rooms in summer without using your air conditioner.

Yes, if its fabric is untreated. Given this, you should always walk with manufacturers conducting flame retardant tests before making their product available. These tests ensure that the fabric doesn’t allow the flame to spread to the edge of the fabric when exposed to a flame for more than 15 seconds. However, fire retardancy doesn’t last for a lifetime. Hence, you should consider changing your curtains periodically.

Concisely, blackout curtains can help you enjoy a peaceful room environment. Besides, they facilitate your body’s circadian rhythm, helping you to sleep better. You may consider the given recommendations to enjoy a justified investment. Besides, remember to follow the shared tips when buying a blackout curtain, as they help you leave zero room for regretting your decision.

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The 2 Best Blackout Curtains In 2022

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